Virtual private server (special for survey)



Windows vps server (special for survey)

OS: server 2012 R2, server 2008,windows 10 64 bit

Location: Los Angeles,New York,San Jose,Baffalo,Dallas,Phoenix,atlanta

IPs: 1 dedicated ips

HDD: 40 GB


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Windows virtual-private-server-special-for-survey

virtual-private-server-special-for-survey is an virtual machine or computer by which we can get all advantage of real PC.


virtual-private-server-special-for-survey is A virtual private server is a virtual machine like as your computer. You can access to this computer form any location.

How it work?

virtual-private-server-special-for-survey work as a real computer.Say you are in India you need a real compute IP in USA locations. What should you will do?

Possibly solution may be using VPN. You VPN are proxy server that never allow most of secured server or website. When we use VPN it’s created a proxy server to hide your real IPs. As a result data will comes in proxy server that clients server,Besides when you send data it will send to proxy that transfer to main server. Maximum websites does’t allow this VPN so detected suspicious.

2nd solution you may have relative in the same locations and you called him to give access for limited times.In this case your relative computer need to online 24 hours and you can access by using remote desktop connection.

It’s so boring and most of the people they have no relative in the targeted locations.

So what is the best solution?  Don’t worry guys virtual private server is the only one solution for this types problems.Some data hosting companies they offer VPS as a rent per month with little cost.

The vps computer advantages:

  • 24 hours server uptimes
  • Provide real and dedicated IPs
  • Different locations as you needed
  • Windows and Linux os
  • Root access and control panel
  • High speed data center and SSD RAM
  • Different types of packages in your budget
  • 24 hours help and support

Deshonline IT

Offer different VPS server packages in your budget. visit

How to connect and use VPS:

It’s easy to use a VPS just follow the steps below.

  • Go to RUN in your computer for windows 10,7,8.1 or any windows operating you are using.
  • Types mstsc a massage box open for remote desktop connection.
  • Put here your IP as a computer name (that provide your hosting company)
  • Types your user name (that provide your hosting company) by default user name “Administrator”
  • Put your password (that provide your hosting company)
  •  Click on connect

Wait a moment your new computer interface will be shown in your computer as a new window like as browser window.

Picture help:


how to connect VPS-1

how to connect VPS-1





So easy guys this is your computer you can enjoy…..

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