WordPress Development within short time

Learn advance WordPress web development step by step 


WordPress Basic concept about websites and web server:



WordPress 1st step of advance WordPress web development learning is get concept about web server and website.


What is a website?


A website is a set of data of content which pre-arranged, user friendly and easy to access.


That means website is a scope where user can see a huge data store, page, contents, layout.


Elaboration what is website with example:


We know that in a computer we can access only those data which stored in the computer memory. When we browsing the scope to find data we can see the data in its own location in memory. When we check or ask a query the expected data or content show as a graphical interface.


Similarly in a website when user ask any query so the expected data or content show as a graphical interface.


But in a computer data stored in its memory so for a website must happen same things.

Now a question is where the data stored for a website and how user can access?


All right no problem here the answer that, yes each websites has its data center or memory location to stored data or content so user can see when they ask any query.


The memory where the websites data stored is called data center or hosting.


And it is physical, like as a computer memory and by internet connection user can access to the data center or hosting and able to access the data.


It’s a special system that brings advantage and ability to access hosting from any locations by internet connection is called server.


Web Server means who serve data from a hosting to user and it’s work as a bridge between the data center and user sources.